Handmade Quilts

What can be more inviting than snuggling into your bed with your cozy and warm “Jaipuri Razai”after a long day? The word “Jaipuri Razai”originates from “Jaipuri” that means “coming from the royal city of Jaipur”, the capital city of Rajasthan and “Razai” means “quilt”. Today, the Jaipuri Razai has become synonymous with cotton quilts and is a part of many homes all around the world.

Our stunning and sophisticated range of block print cotton quilts are undoubtedly pushing the boundaries of craftsmanship. The quilts from Eminent Craft are a creation of craftsmen who have honed and perfected this craft over decades.

What Makes Our Quilts the Best?


Our luxurious range of quilts are completely handmade and involve the use of traditional block printing and meticulous needlework. The cotton batting is made from freshly harvested natural cotton that is filled into the block printed soft cotton voile sheets. This is then hand-stitched with a running stitch on the inner quilt panels to hold the cotton-fill in place. As each quilt is designed individually by hand, no two pieces are the same.

Lightweight & Soft

The quilts from Eminent Craft keep you very warm and snug but at the same time they are extremely lightweight and soft. Their light weight makes the quilts very convenient to handle and easy to store. Also, the quilts get softer over the years with constant use and repeated washes.


With proper love and care, our quilts can last for a long time! Our range of quilts are made from top quality organic cotton which makes them very durable, if handled properly.

Suitable for a wide temperature range

Our quilts are extremely comfortable to use. The natural cotton breathes, helping to regulate your body temperature while you sleep.The quilts have been designed to keep you comfortable in all seasons.

Machine Washable

Our quilts are quite easy to wash and are maintenance-free. They are washer and dryer safe and don’t need ironing. They can be washed in a cold gentle cycle and can be low tumble-dried or air-dried.


Our quilts are hypoallergenic which means that they are best-suited for people suffering from various allergies or asthma and are suitable for young children too.

Made from Natural and Organic Materials

Our beautiful range of quilts are made from natural and organic materials that make them safe to use. The fabric and cotton fiber used to make the quilts are chemical free. The organic dyes used in the quilts are made from plant leaves and vegetables. These organic dyes ensure that the colors of your quilt remain vibrant, wash after wash.

Environment Friendly

Using our cotton quilts would be your little contribution to preserve the environment. The cotton we use is biodegradable and causes no damage to the environment.

Preserving Craft

This unique craft has been passed on for many generations. Owning one of these quilts helps preserve heritage and history from centuries ago besides also incentivizing craftsmen of the current generation to keep the tradition strong and pass on the trade for years to come.

Include a piece of “Jaipuri” royalty to your bedroom with our regal collection of block printed quilts! Buy now on www.eminentcraft.com

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