Artist of the Week-Roopa from Nature’s Emporium!

Would you give up your corporate job for the love of your city? Meet Roopa Honnaswamy, who refused a fancy promotion and fat paycheck just for the love of Namma Bengaluru!

Her journey 

Born and brought up in Bangalore with an MBA in General Management, Roopa was at the peak of success as a Zonal Head, handling 8 offices across 4 cities. A true Bangalorean at heart, she refused a promotion that needed her to shift base from her beloved city.

Unable to decide as to what to do next, she enrolled for soap making classes and soon developed it as a hobby. She often ended up making soaps all day long, immersed in the procedure. Anil, her husband, was her pillar of strength and urged her to pursue what she had grown to enjoy thoroughly.

Love for all things natural

Roopa had always been a big fan of natural products and started experimenting with making soaps. To combat her seven-year-old daughters’ extremely dry skin, Roopa developed a Goat’s milk soap using the cold process method; thereby ensuring the properties of the ingredients were retained. It worked amazingly well and her products were tried by family and friends alike. This motivated her to start Nature’s Emporium and turn her hobby into a business. Today Nature’s Emporium sells across more than 10 online portals, apart from being available at The Green Path Organic State in Bangalore.

Relentless pursuit of perfection is something Roopa learnt early in life as a daughter of a Police Officer. This virtue is reflected in her soaps and products; all of them have the entire list of ingredients printed on the packaging, after a detailed study of each ingredient and its supplements. Always a student, Roopa keeps upgrading her knowledge by continuously taking up courses on natural skin and body care.

The Goat’s Milk soap, Cherry Blossom Body butter and Cypress and Orange soap for men are amongst the best sellers from Nature’s Emporium. Her aspirations of making Nature’s Emporium the best natural body care shop in the country will surely bear fruits with her constant hard work and penchant for perfection.

Pamper Yourself Today!

If you want to make your skin feel healthy, happy and refreshed, either call the number below or simply leave a message on their Facebook page to get your hands on the goodies! Most orders are dispatched within 3-4 working days!


Contact number-8277364582

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