DIY Simple Block Printing Project

This super simple DIY project can be used to make napkins, cushion covers, bags – anything you fancy!

What you will need-

  • Indian Wooden Blocks ( Readily available in local stores and online-example Amazon, Ebay)
  • Sponge
  • Rag for cleaning the block
  • Fabric Paint
  • Fabric
  • Tray
  • Spare cloth to keep below the fabric you’re working on

Step 1

Use your spare cloth as a base to soak in excess paint on the fabric. Spread the fabric you’ll be working on evenly over the spare cloth. Make sure it’s not crumpled and is secured at the ends to avoid movement.

Step 2

Spread the paint on the tray, and use the sponge to soak the paint. Apply the sponge on the wooden block and remove any excess paint.

Step 3

Press the wooden block on the fabric firmly to get the perfect print. Repeat this process in a pattern of your choice. Make sure you keep applying the paint on the wooden block, so that all the prints have the same consistency.

Step 4

Once the design is ready, leave it to dry. Since fabric paint has been used, you would have to heat set your fabric. Iron the fabric on the reverse side, this makes the paint permanent and washable.

It’s as simple as that! Let the creative juices flow and go crazy with the designs and patterns. The best part about this is, it’s all handmade and each product is unique!

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