The Purple Turtles, Bangalore

The Purple Turtles, a quaint store located in Indira Nagar, is definitely hard to miss. This charming store has everything for your home décor needs; from lighting to furniture and home accents. With products sourced from all across the world, their collection in the store does not reflect any one regional taste but a plethora of different cultures and interests.

The Team:

From Left to Right: Jenny & Radeesh, Gaurav and Radeesh

Radeesh Shetty, Founder Lighting Designer and Proprietor of The Purple Turtles

Radeesh started out in marketing and media but changed focus to follow his passion for architecture and lighting design. He works closely with Architects and Interior Designers to bring their scribbles and mood boards to life as innovative lighting solutions and loves to scout for interesting pieces for the store.

Jenny Pinto, Design Director

Jenny Pinto is a studio handmade paper-maker based in Bangalore. Since 1998 she has been exploring various fibers and the nuances of paper for the purpose of lighting. Inspired by natural and urban landscapes, the designs are artisanal, contemporary, subtle yet dramatic and green. Her studio is one of the first green buildings in Bangalore and is a hub of creativity and experimentation for the team.

Gaurav Rai – Director

With over a decade of experience in sales and marketing with News Corp, Accenture and Disney, Gaurav brings with him considerable expertise in sales strategy & planning, client relationship and team management. He works closely with architects and interiors designers from the idealization to execution of projects.

Handcrafted Goodness

Whilst all their products stand out from the mass produced range of lights and furniture in the market, some of the products deserve a special mention.

Lights made of Banana fibre? Yes, please!

Making paper the old fashioned way,  Jenny Pinto makes a unique range of beautiful, translucent and textured paper from agricultural and craft waste fibres like banana, sisal, mulberry, various rivers grasses, pineapple and more, and designs a range of lights, home accessories and stationery using her own paper. Banana fiber has long silky fibers from the trunk of the banana tree which produces inherent strength.

Another great, unique TPT product would be the Wabi Sabi collection.

‘Wabi-Sabi represents a Japanese world view that accepts simplicity, imperfection, and transience. We wanted the austerity and simplicity of exposed cement without the burden of weight and permanence, so we developed a material that retained the look and aesthetic of concrete but adopted a lightness of being. Each light is handcrafted and hand finished’ says team TPT.

Inventing Trends

With the customer base becoming more educated, Team TPT is constantly on their toes, finding inspiration from different corners of the world to cater to the well-researched audience. The team says, ‘Creating something exclusive for any individual and then saving it from getting replicated is the biggest challenge. Customers use various online platforms like Pinterest and they know exactly what they’re looking for, which makes for a great creative process for the purchase. Meeting new people, exploring new culture and crafts, reading blogs inspires us and gives us a fair idea of what’s new and what’s going around the town.

2017 is all about acceptance of unconventional materials. Be it cement, banana fibre or brass, all these materials are back in vogue and are currently catching up on the trend list. Distressed finishes never went out of fashion and continue to create waves in the industry.’

Location: #128, 1st main, Domlur 2nd stage, Indiranagar, Bangalore- 560008

Timings: 10:30 am to 8:30 pm



Contact number: 080-41528039

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