Brands to look out for-SnugOns and Zouk

What happens when a bunch of passionate, creative people get together? They create quirky, offbeat products which are the perfect fusion of Indian art forms with contemporary designs, ideal for the youth of today. Here’s the story of a group of young designers behind the brands SungOns and Zouk!

SnugOns, started in the summer of 2015, deals with baby snugs, unisex snugs and women’s footwear. As for Zouk, this was started less than a year ago, with a line of laptop bags in sleek designs. As their confidence and customer base increased steadily, they have ventured into many other categories.

Team work makes the dream work!

Initially, finding a team amidst the disintegrated business of shoes and bags production seemed like a herculean task. Lack of skilled labour with little or no knowledge in this product line forced the team to train people from scratch. ‘Getting high level craftsmanship was very challenging. Making people change from their regular way of work to shift to our product type was a long road’ says Siddhi. The team now consists of 6-7 artisans within the 20-25 year old age bracket.

‘I know you have heard this before but – all our products are handmade. And that’s a reality, only 5% of total work done to make a shoe or a bag is machine based, rest all is by hand. It is a long and tiring process to get the product made by hand, but the finishing and the quality at the end is fabulous. Our products are made 95% by hand. This means we may roll out lesser products, but our customers are assured of an exquisite product, making it more of an experience and not just a purchase.’

Experiments- The key to innovation

‘Artisans are very knowledgeable and passionate about their craft. Working with them gives us a push every now and then to help promote their craft and learn about their stories. They do not understand business; all they care about is the quality and beauty of the product that they have created’ says Siddhi.

Craft forms in India are very unique and laborious, and need a lot of handling and encouragement to keep it going. The team stuck to a conventional approach with their designs initially, but soon realized the kind of variation they can bring to the products. To prevent indigenous art forms from extinction and help find their own special space in the modern world, innovation is necessary, and that’s exactly what they did.  They began experimenting a lot with color schemes and patterns in traditional motifs, and have started adapting them in their designs.

Having received compliments such as “I would have brought all your stuff if I had the money”, the team is motivated to make SnugOns and Zouk luxury brands based out of India. They’re coming out with a whole lot of innovative and technologically advanced products in 2017; so prepare to be blown away!

Location: Mumbai, Ahmedabad

Address: Whishbox, Shop No.5, Kohil Chawal, opp Peninsula Corporate Park, lower Parel, Mumbai

FB page ,

Instagram Link: ,

Contact number: 7506985699, 9099024697

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