Artist of the week- Suchita Pande

Ever seen a drawing so beautiful it made you wonder if you could digitize it and have it replicated on your everyday products? Suchita Pande takes her penchant for flowers and mandalas to the next level by printing unique merchandise and stationery with her oh-so-mesmerizing hand drawn illustrations.



Doodling her way to her dreams

Inclined to arts and crafts since her childhood, Suchita feels art is like therapy to her- ‘Pouring my emotions onto paper in the form of conceptual drawings helped me recover through my late teen troubles. It worked like meditation and over the years drawing was just my refuge. The skills and techniques kept developing over the years, along the way.’ A NIFT and IIT alumna, she has worked as a Textile Designer and an Interaction Designer and now works as a freelance pen and ink illustrator. Having her artwork uploaded on a few websites as an artist, Suchita was aware that people liked and admired her work. However, it was at Comic Con 2016 that she witnessed first-hand how appreciative customers were of her work, and this motivated her to do more. World renowned illustrator Johanna Basford was also full of praise for Suchita after looking through her work- something Suchita cherishes till date.

Great things never come from comfort zones

‘I don’t like drawing the same kind of thing/style over and over again. Even if I am good at it, I like to break out of my comfort zone often. I have a huge list of inspirational themes to work on. Nature, architecture, arts, crafts, people, places, emotions, feelings- everything is an inspiration for me. I believe that confidence in one’s art is not permanent or there to stay once achieved.  There is no ctrl+z with pen and ink- you need to be persistent and keep working hard in order to excel’ says the artist. After years of practice, Suchita feels there has been a positive change in the maturity of her drawings-her lines and compositions have become more meaningful, although the inherent way in which her creativity flows that has remained more or less the same.


I really hope to blend in crafts/design influence from across the globe. From Australian aboriginal prints to Ukrainian psychedelic motifs to French prêt-à-porter to our own desi designs, I want my craft to evolve and have a global mix.

She hopes to start her online store by the end of this year and bring her products to cities outside of Bangalore as well! In the meantime, you can contact her through her Facebook and Instagram accounts (details below).

Location: Bangalore

Instagram and Facebook pages:

Contact number: +919739661212

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