Kathi Embroidery- Coloured threads from Gujarat

Riot of colours

If we were to describe Gujarat in one word, Vibrant would definitely top the list. The state is home to a variety of artwork and embroidery types, among which Kathi embroidery easily stands out.  It’s one of the oldest forms of Gujarati embroidery and is practiced by the women of the Kathi community (a nomadic tribe) in Gujarat. It mainly comprises of mirrors and colorful threads stitched together. The canvas used here is mostly black silk or satin and herringbone is the most used stitching form in this type of embroidery.


There are two predominant types of design formations in these embroideries – one where geometric patterns are used and the second style where the motifs are drawn free-hand and usually have flora and fauna with animal and human figures. Specifically, designs of tigers, elephants and cobras are styled on the materials as symbols of elegance and grace. Small mirrors are used as eyes of birds or flower centers. The embroidery is done with Silk floss called Heer (untwisted and lustrous thread) in bold colours. Several kinds of intensely vivid colored threads of scarlet, purple, yellow are used to make the embroidery come alive.The two major types of Kathi Embroidery are Aditya Fatiya and Patch Work.


These are mostly used in ornate wall hangings, door frames and other decorative items. An example of ultimate brightness, color and vivacity, Kathi embroidery has its own unique charm and grace.




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