Working her magic with Terrarium Jewelry-Supriya Donthi

Let’s start with the basics. So, what is Terrarium jewelry?

Terrariums are sustained ecosystems where plants grow and thrive in glass enclosures. Terrarium jewelry has miniature terrariums in the form of an ornament along with other metallic components that make them beautiful wearables. Supriya uses preserved moss instead of plants, which saves us the trouble of maintenance!

A piece of nature for you to cherish forever!


Being a nature lover and Biotechnology student with an entrepreneurial streak, creating these unique treasures came naturally to her. Leafy Affair kicked off in June 2016 after a lot of research, online tutorials and experimentation on Supriya’s part. Supriya stumbled upon similar products on the Etsy shop of an international artist and was awestruck by the gorgeous designs, only to learn that such designs were not available in India, although they were a huge craze abroad. She decided to make one for herself, and the rest as they say, is history!

The journey wasn’t always a bed of roses

When one embarks on a route that hasn’t been explored by others, challenges are aplenty. “Sourcing of materials- right from the glass bottles, corks and moss, to successfully preserving them, was a struggle. Also, figuring out the best way of preservation and dying techniques was also quite tough.” says Supriya. The efforts paid off once Supriya saw the response her products garnered from people. “Being a reason for somebody’s smile gives me a great sense of satisfaction. In fact when anybody asks me what I do, my answer is -I make people smile”, says the 25 year old, who has the pleasure of creating miniature fairylands for a living.

Beautiful keepsakes

Most of the exclusive pieces at Leafy Affair are limited edition as Supriya refrains from repeating her designs. However, her most unique product has got to be a multi- use chain which can be worn as a choker, long chain, layered chain, knotted chain etc. (it comes with a really long chord which can be styled with your creativity)! The components used in her terrariums include reindeer moss, Spanish moss, bark, Indian moss and pebbles. She’s also experimenting with Dandelion seeds (which are considered lucky in various parts of the world) and dried flowers/ botanical samples.

We’re crushing on all her designs! Contact details below, if you’d like to buy one of these enchanting pieces!

Facebook page:

Website: (WIP)

To buy products:

Contact number: 9008896896

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