Bring out the writer in you with Mug aur Mooch’s line of notebooks!


Let’s be real. We’ve all had days when we’ve felt like channeling our inner Shakespeare and tried to pen down our thoughts, only to get caught up in our mundane, boring routines. When Anushri (corporate lawyer turned designer) and Akshay started Mug Aur Mooch, they wanted to make something that said-Writing is back! Their collection of handmade, innovative, bright and happy books is what every notebook hoarder’s dreams are made of. “The Mooch represents the royal pride that we have in our crafts and the Mug represents reinvigorating freshness of inspiring design”, says Anushri.

Hand Embroidered Goodness

The happily married couple is a right mix of fun,professionalism and quirk- Anushri is a perfectionist who’s obsessed about every tiny detail and Akshay is a storyteller who spins a character into the most inanimate of things. Together, they create products that bring a fresh and modern design perspective to the rich traditional crafts. “It takes people to touch and feel our products to understand that we have embroidered on the paper boards and it’s not just a print. Most people get a complete change of perspective once they touch and feel our products”, says Anushri. They launched Mug aur Mooch on 8th November 2015 at Kitsch Mandi and launched their e-store on 24th June 2016. They’re a member of ‘A Hundred Hands’ and have been a part of the community for the past 2 years.

The creative family

“For our production, we have trained the enterprising ladies of Koramangala Village who are now making all the products. We have a small team of 2-3 ladies at present and we are working on increasing our team size. All the women are from very humble backgrounds. They started working at the tender age of 15-16 in various industries and continued to work until they got married and then got busy in raising children and other household activities.

We all get together in the evenings to work for Mug aur Mooch. In the beginning, we trained them for doing embroidery work on paper board and now they have reached such a great level of expertise that they can learn any new design in just a couple of days”, says Anushri, beaming with pride.

Mug, Mooch aur Pooch!


We couldn’t help but notice the cute animal motifs they incorporate in their notebooks. When asked about their favorite story and the inspirations behind their creations, this is what they had to say-

“Everybody needs a friend, a friend with whom you can share anything – weird thoughts, pathetic jokes, embarrassing ideas and meaningless gossip. A dog is man’s best friend. But clearly, it would be too weird to write on a dog. Hence, these Dog Series Pocketbooks were created.”

Most Unique Product


“Our most unique product is what we call a Trailblazer. It has been created for people who seek adventure in their life and love to travel. It’s a magical triangle notebook which opens as a timeline. We have used a paper made with marble dust in it which is completely water resistant. This is our most unique and bestselling product”, says Akshay.

With a lot more innovative products and DIY kits in the pipeline, they sure have our attention! Time to unleash the writer/doodler/artist in you with a little help from Mug aur Mooch!

Location: Koramangala, Bangalore.

Facebook page:

Contact number: +91 990 254 6886


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