Bheemaiah- breaking stereotypes, one walking stick at a time!

If you were ever of the opinion that walking sticks were only made for the elderly and disabled, Bheem Styx’s range of gorgeous walking sticks that can be used for more purposes than you can imagine, are guaranteed to change your mind!

 “These natural sticks are ideal for hikers, social walkers, walking stick collectors and can also be used for home decor. As I have given life into each branch, these walking sticks are functional works of art and are unique treasures; this allows each design to speak for itself & to tell its unique story. With a host of beautiful sticks to choose for walking, a handcrafted Bheemstyx can be an enjoyable experience – for stability in each step, protection or just a fashion accessory stick to meet all needs” , says Bheemaiah.


Bheemaiah, adorning many hats, is a coffee planter when in Coorg and an entrepreneur when in Bangalore. He juggles between the two cities and is off the radar for around 15 days a month, scouting for sticks. The process to make a stick takes anywhere between 3 months to 2 years, depending upon the type of stick. He scavenges for fallen branches from plantations, landslides, roadsides and private properties (he doesn’t believe in cutting down trees). Who knew that when a local tribal from Coorg gave Bheem a stick to keep himself safe, he would be selling sticks of his own some day! Bheemaiah gathered his knowledge about different jungle hardwood trees and treating each kind differently from his father.


This labour-intensive job is strenuous, messy, tiring and involves hours of hunting to find the right stick. The sticks then go through a process of seasoning, sharpening and sanding down. Then comes the fun part- painting! Bheemaiah has various artists working with him, each bringing in their own technique and talent to make the product one-of-a-kind. That’s not all; he further glamorizes his products with leather straps, whistles and gadgets like lighters, compass and torches! His product is a huge hit at flea markets and rightfully so. The craftsmanship, vibrant colours and attention to detail is something that immediately catches the eye.


You’d be amazed to know the various types of sticks Bheemaiah creates-

  • Y/Thumb sticks
  • Deep river walking sticks
  • Country walking sticks
  • Home decor sticks/ Decorative sticks
  • Fashion sticks
  • Bell sticks
  • Hook sticks
  • Gadget sticks
  • City walking sticks
  • Catapult sticks
  • Lawn light sticks
  • Bug sticks
  • Rattan vine sticks
  • Antique sticks/ Muscle Loader Sticks
  • Whip sticks
  • Spirit face sticks
  • Garden Sticks
  • Broom Sticks
  • Professional walking sticks
  • Coat/shirt Hanger Sticks
  • Key chains, wind chimes, bird stand etc

The cost of the sticks vary from Rs.500 to Rs.12,000 depending on the make and type of stick. These sticks can be customized and modified according to your taste, height and comfort. So, what are you waiting for? Grab one of these sticks and make a style statement!

Location: No. 969, ground floor, 12th main, HAL 2nd stage, opp Humming Tree, Indiranagar, Blore 38.

Timings of the store: 11 am to 9 pm

Facebook page link:

Contact number: 9845034406



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