Mora Taara- A wonderland for those who seek beauty in the little things

How many of us are lucky enough to say that we’re living our childhood dream? Meet Anu Kumar, the founder of Mora Taara, who dreamed of owning a retail store ever since she was 4 years old! Operating in four broad categories: decor, serving ware, gifting and fashion, Mora Taara is a happy space filled with exquisite products!

Founded in 2005 by Anu Kumar, Mora Taara means ‘my star’ in Hindi and is named after her grandmother Tara, who used to live in a small village in Rajasthan. The time spent in the village with her grandmother influenced her sense of aesthetics and shaped her belief that beauty is the default mode of life. “In the village, lifestyles were very simple but there was beauty all around. The rough, hand-done walls with their natural textures, the smooth bamboo lathis behind each door to chase away aggressive monkeys, the unpolished kota stone bed in my grandmother’s courtyard, there was inspiration in every nook and corner”, says Anu.

“Alice Munroe, one of the finest writers ever, has described the instinct to create a shop perfectly in her book, Carried Away- ‘These are the shops that will become a part of the block, a part of the street, part of everybody’s map of the town, and eventually of everybody’s memories’. I hope to make Mora Taara just that – a part of your personal map”, says Anu.

Shopping at Mora Taara is a delightful and inspirational experience. “We design, make, curate, ship, whatever it takes to get that interesting, beautiful product to you – because we know that products designed and crafted thoughtfully can nourish the soul. Our products are sourced both within and outside of India”, says the entrepreneur.

With stores in Bombay and Gurgaon, Mora Taara started off chiefly as a home décor brand, and slowly moved to fashion as well. Running a retail store is no piece of cake; logistics of fragile goods, warehousing, transportation etc. requires a very well managed backend otherwise costs can really amount up. Of course, these obstacles don’t deter Anu from successfully fulfilling her childhood dream. It also helps when people recognize the effort that goes into curating a lifestyle store. One of their customers once said, “It just makes me happy to be here. It’s almost like a pilgrimage for me. I may not buy anything, but just wandering around here fills me with joy.”


FB page link:

Store Details:


First Floor, Galaxy Hotel, Sector 15, Part 2, Near 32nd Milestone, Gurgaon

Ph: +91-124-4278391/92

Timings: 10 am to 9.00 pm


6, Mani Mansion, Peddar Road, Opp Villa Theresa School

Ph: +91-22-65754822. +91-22-23523116

Timings: 10.30 am to 7.30 pm





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