Tania Clay Studio- Creating Enchanting Clay Crafts

Deco-clay is a unique craft in itself, but what makes Tania Clay studio extra special is the fact that the passionate founders, a mother-daughter duo, work with around 20 women from the slums of Delhi helping them pursue their goals, while creating masterpieces with exceptional detailing.

Tania and Banashree Misra

Banashree Misra and Tania Misra are the talented duo behind Tania Clay Studio.  “I am an architect by profession and worked as an urban designer in New York for about 10 years before realizing my passion for deco-clay. My stint with green development projects in New York led to my hearty connection with deco-clay.  Wanting to pursue it full time, I took up an intensive 2 level course with Deco Clay Academy Singapore before starting our unit in 2011. My mom is an alumnus of National Institute of Fashion Technology and has been into designing all her life. The studio is a vision of ours. We combine our varied backgrounds, myriad experiences, global aesthetic sensibilities and eye for finer details, to create pieces to celebrate any occasion”, says Tania.

Tania and Banashree strive to empower women, help them realize their potential and offer them financial independence. The team now consists of 20 women belonging to the slums of Delhi, who come from a disadvantaged background.

“They share immense passion for the craft and are working towards their deco-clay certification. We salute their determination, zeal and perseverance. We also interact a lot with our vendors who sell palm leaf boxes, jute bags and natural products. We have adopted villages as they are concerned about the traditional art form dying and losing its charm”, says Tania.

With studios in both Delhi and Singapore, one would think that operations are a tedious affair. However, Tania attributes the ease at which they handle logistics to technology. Products are shipped from Delhi and they use various platforms to communicate between the two countries. Once they receive the client’s requirements with regard to the theme and budget, they offer 3 designs to the client for their approval. Once the final design is approved, senior crafters are briefed. Timelines are drawn and creation process begins. Rechecking, packaging and shipping are all carried out in a structured manner.

So, what’s in store for 2017? “All these years, we have been dressing up the gifts with deco clay flowers and figurines but now our clients can have a customized gift that will be exclusively made for the occasion by the studio (This includes the gift, printing and packaging). 2017 has begun with personalized baby announcement gifts and we are looking forward to presenting our corporate and wedding gifts soon. Go green is our mantra and we will continue walking the path!”, says Tania, signing off!

Did you know?

Winters are a struggle for those at the studio, since the products take more time to dry. If the clay products are not 100% dry, it is difficult to affix them to an object.

Location: Delhi and Singapore

Website: www.taniaclaystudio.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/taniasclaystudio/

Contact number: +91 98912 43228 | +65 86114613

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