Nivedita Chirantan, crafting a sanctuary of beauty through her hand painted products

A self-taught artist, poet, hobby photographer, jewelry designer, blogger and homemaker all wrapped in one, Nivedita Chitrantan is nothing short of a supermom! Her creations have a rustic, earthy feel to them and fit right in to the décor theme of an Indian home.

Originally from Sagar, Shimoga, Nivedita is based in Bangalore. Although she never set out to have a profession in arts, she always had an interest in art of any form. She began her journey of pot painting when she wanted to gift her near and dear ones something unique for New Year’s. “I was enamored with bottle painting. However, I was very skeptical about using glass as medium. So, when I saw these terracotta pots sold by a roadside vendor, I didn’t think twice and bought around 8 pots at once. I started to paint them and got hooked on to the craft. It was so mesmerizing to decorate it with various colours that I found myself buying more pots, painting them and gifting it to people. I opened a FB page called Nivious with an intention to showcase my art, but eventually it turned out to be a business and my profession”, says Nivedita.


Nivedita isn’t afraid to experiment. She’s worked on terracotta, vases, pot, planters, mini pots, decorative items like elephants, horse etc. and has designed name plates too! A unique twist to traditional painted pots; she affixes kundan stones on some of the pots to accentuate the design. “I draw inspiration from everything. I try my hand at a vast range of styles- Madhubani, Warli, Kerala mural, Dot painting, Aboriginal style, Persian inspired designs, Egyptian designs etc. I constantly educate myself about different styles and techniques”, says the talented artist who is thrilled that people recognize her through her art now.

Her creative process is simple; she doesn’t push herself with stringent timelines. Instead, she patiently waits for a theme to strike her mind and then works her magic. She’s open to customizations and takes around 2-3 days to finish painting a product.

You know where to order your next gift from!

Location: Bangalore

Facebook page:

Contact number: 8867514033

One Comment

  1. Srikanth Manjunath

    This is wonderful Nivedita.. The talent requires recognition..and the recognition deserves a name..and both are coming in the right time and the right path.

    Kudos to you and the publisher for a giving a right mileage.

    Am happy for you..all the best and only the best comes with you.


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