Madhu Mehra- All she knits is love!

Behind every great knitter is a huge pile of yarn. In Madhu Mehra’s case, there’s yarn and the complementary skills of her family members! Read on to know more about the enterprising lady and her journey thus far.

“I am the chief knitter and my younger daughter, Smriti, is in charge of branding & marketing (via – facebook). She is also the design consultant (but more like design police).  My son-in-law is the product photographer, unwilling model and advisor. He illustrated the ‘she who knits’ image. My elder daughter, Sucheta, was the one who motivated me to get back to knitting after I quit my job as a bank manager. My sister, Manju Bajaj, is my partner in crime. Together we are able to fulfill our growing number of orders and produce enough stock for the exhibitions”, says Madhu, of the entourage behind her brand.

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Madhu Mehra

Having been born and brought up in North India where young girls were expected to know knitting, embroidery and cooking, Madhu was no different. She learnt to knit at the tender age of seven, and used to knit her own sweaters. She holds a graduate degree in Physics and retired as a bank manager, after which she got back to knitting. She loves exploring trends and keeps abreast with what youngsters want. “I didn’t know what Minions were till someone ordered it specifically”, confesses Madhu.

Madhu’s love for knitting (and watching television) knows no bounds.  ‘She who knits’ started off as a Facebook page in 2010 primarily to document and share Madhu’s work. The name was coined by her daughter, Smriti. Although they never intended for it to be a business, ‘She Who Knits’ was built by the positive response they received from the customers. The fan base grew from twenty to two thousand in a very steady, organic manner. Madhu doesn’t intend on expanding the business, and is comfortable with the niche market she has captured with her constant flow of great ideas and wearable art.

Madhu is also a part of ‘A Hundred Hands’, a non-profit organization whose primary focus is to provide a platform for artists involved in the creation of contemporary, hand-crated alternatives for daily life. “Last year ‘A Hundred Hands’ came up with the ‘Me To We’ collaboration, which forced me to consider incorporating other crafts from amongst the community of members. The most obvious was crochet but Smriti suggested using fabric and the neckwarmers incorporating Ajrakh have been our best-selling item so far”, says Madhu.

Did you know?

Knitting was initially a male-only occupation! In fact, when the first knitting union was established in Paris in 1527, no women were allowed.

In 1566, King Eric of Sweden owned 27 pairs of knitted silk stockings imported from Spain. Each pair cost the same as his valet’s yearly salary.

Location: Indiranagar, Bangalore

Facebook page:

Contact number: +91- 9449348098

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