Prasun Balasubramaniam- The Biotechnologist with healing powers in her art

Our artist of the day, Prasun Balasubramaniam, is a 22 year old bio technologist by profession and a self-taught artist by passion. Her Instagram account is filled with her stunning artwork and therapeutic videos that calm your mind and soul almost instantaneously! If you catch yourself staring at a mandala while experiencing inner peace that’s equivalent to meditation, Prasun’s vision of spreading peace through art would be brought to fruition!

Prasun Balasubramaniam

For Prasun, art serves as a gateway to her world of imagination. She’s been doodling from the time she was a child, be it during a boring lecture or to surprise a friend. Doodles are her way to express her innermost feelings, and she honed her skill and technique by observing artists on Instagram. In fact, when she initially started drawing, she had no idea what different art forms were called. Expanding her horizons to different styles, she learnt that her favorite art form was called Mandala or Zendoodle. Creating mesmerizing mandalas became her on-paper yoga, something she’s now addicted to and cannot go without even for a week! She spends around 2 hours a day doodling her stress and worries away.

The go-getter is currently pursuing her MS in Biotechnology, and aspires to get a Ph.D. and carry out significant research in the field of cancer genetics. Her artsy ambitions are as inspiring; she wishes to start her online store soon, exhibit her artwork for sale at the next Sunday Soul Sante, conduct doodle workshops in Coimbatore and also release her very own Mandala coloring book. She definitely makes us believe that the left brain/right brain theory is a myth!

Pro-tip from the expert herself, “When I started doodling at first, I started using ball pens. We have always heard that ball pens spoil our handwriting, but in my case, ball pens brought steadiness to my hand, which is very important for working on mandala and Zendoodle patterns as it brings neatness.”

The artist also has a word of advice for those who wish to pursue a career in arts. She says, “Once you realize your potential in art or any field for that matter, it has to be refined on a daily basis so that you can excel in it. Keep experimenting and dabble in activities. Don’t tolerate boredom. Eventually, your excellence would build your confidence.”

Did you know?

Mandalas are practiced by Buddhist monks as a spiritual guidance tool.

Location: Coimbatore

Instagram page:

Facebook page:

Contact number: 9042573013



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