Roshni Puthukudy- Bringing a wide spectrum of crafts to life

EthniiChic (ethnic+chic), true to its name, uses traditional art forms across India like Pattachitra paintings from Odissa, Mural Paintings from Kerala to create stylish clothing, accessories and home décor.

Roshni Puthukudy


Roshni Puthukudy started Ethniichic in 2014 with an intent to foster Indian art forms. She hails from Kerala and is settled in Bangalore, married and a proud mother of 2 boys. “I am a Civil Engineer with my double masters in Construction Management & Financial Management and have worked on Techno-commercial roles with leading construction firms in Mumbai and Bangalore, till the ‘start-up bug’ bit me. Thanks to the defense background, I had been to nine states of India during my schooling & that had given me immense opportunities to learn about the various art forms of those areas, though they were all at a superficial level during my schooling. At some point in life, my passion for art was side-lined by corporate & family responsibilities. It was when I took a sabbatical from the corporate job that I started attending art classes/ workshops where I learnt techniques of all the traditional art forms I was always inclined towards”, says the entrepreneur.

Once Ethniichic was up and running, Roshni spent at least 6-8 months trying to understand what worked with customers by participating in exhibitions and conducting her own research. She experimented with various products before settling for her current product line. Her love for all things Indian is apparent in her collection. Her inspirations have always been the rich and diversified Indian culture, and she incorporates various art and craft forms into her products. Since most of the products are personally made by Roshni, the finesse of the products is a class apart, giving utmost importance to the quality of the materials used at every level of creation. She mostly hand paints or uses home grown techniques on top of regular decoupaging methods and adds lots of love, care and passion while creating magnificent pieces of art.


Roshni’s personal favorite product to create is her line of Jewelry (Every woman’s weakness!) as she feels she can connect to her femininity through this craft. “The most unique ones in my collection are the Bangles. It’s been a craze with customers in India and abroad. The unique collections of trays are the next most sought after ones; primarily for gifting purposes”, says Roshni, of the most distinctive products she’s created. The Kerala murals inspired line of exquisite jewelry is definitely an example of exceptional craftsmanship.

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Starting Ethniichic has been a very fulfilling and enriching experience for Roshni. While she continues doing what she loves, the customers seem to love what she does even more! The company was able to break even within 12 months of operation and is now self-funded. She dreams of making Ethniichic one of the top 3 gifting and handcrafted jewelry providers in the Indian ethnic sector. Roshni is looking at scaling up her company, and is working with stores within the country and abroad for tie-ups. She also plans to bring in more products as per demands from her customers, which includes hand painted photo frames, key chains, bags, more jewelry designs and much more. We can’t wait for the new collection to be out! Check out her products at-



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