Risham Jewelry: To infinity and bead-on

Every girl can vouch for this- we’ve all attempted to make our own bead jewelry at some point in our lives, ran out of patience and resorted to buying jewelry instead. Our artist of the day, Srutiza, re-visited the craft after 16 years of being a software professional, and hasn’t looked back since.

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As a concept, Risham Jewelry has been around since 2009, but Srutiza has been immersed in her area of expertise- Bead weaving for the past 4 years. The mother of a tiny toddler says, “I think I was born with a creative bone but I didn’t discover it until well into adulthood.  Typical of many others in Bangalore, I was a software professional for over 16 years. The turn of events in my life inspired me to switch careers and make my passion for jewelry design into a full-time business. Over the years, my success and clientele in this area has grown and given me the impetus to jump into entrepreneurship and expand the brand. Currently, I’m almost a solopreneur, wearing multiple hats at the same time, building my business ground-up. I do have part time assistants who help me make the jewelry. But I hope to scale up significantly in the near future.”

After experimenting with simple jewelry design, Srutiza chanced upon bead weaving and keeps exploring unique techniques and designs. Once she got her basics right through YouTube and other online tutorials, she let the creative instinct kick in and adds her own style to the pieces she creates. Heavily inspired by nature, especially flowers and leaves, Srutiza’s creative process is spontaneous and changes as she progresses through the piece. With the wide range of shaped beads available in the market solely for bead weaving, Srutiza combines various shapes into a single piece and even builds an entire piece around a single component.

The talented jewelry designer loves the fact that she can see the design in her mind translate to an actual physical piece. We salute the patience she has, to create intricate pieces from scratch, bead by bead. “Each piece of jewelry is made of hundreds of tiny beads woven by hand, one bead at a time. We source the finest ingredients from the most reliable manufacturers and apply stringent quality checks to ensure our clients get the best value for their money”, says Srutiza.

We bet you didn’t know this fact about bead weaving- “References to bead weaving/beadwork date back to the 9th century BC. Not just jewelry, bead weaving was used extensively for making clothes (like the beaded dresses of ancient Egypt, unearthed and reassembled some time ago) and other accessories. This is one of the few art forms which grew simultaneously in multiple parts of the world like Egypt, India, Africa and Europe and evolved such intricate techniques and patterns that we are still using today.  To be part of something with such historical relevance is very humbling”, says Srutiza.

Srutiza currently sells through her Facebook page and is working on launching her website soon! Here are the details-

Location: Bangalore

Facebook page: http://facebook.com/RishamJewelry

Instagram: @rishamjewelry

Contact number: 9845040148

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