The Indus Valley™: Blending the past and present to make products for the future

It’s fascinating, how we’re ditching western ways and going back to our roots as time progresses. One such company that’s focused on creating the perfect kitchenware with old age wisdom but new age ease is The Indus Valley™. We had a chance to catch up with Madhumitha, who took us through her journey.


Madhumitha and her husband Jagadeesh Kumar co-founded the company in 2016 in Chennai. Both engineers, Madhumitha did her PGDM in HR and worked in an MNC for a couple of years while Jagadeesh did his PGDM from IIM Raipur and worked as a regional sales manager before they started this venture. Along with their designer Nandita Rajasekaran and 4 others who assist with packaging, operations and sales, the Indus Valley team works with nearly 60 artisans.

“Like every other working person, I used to make large meals and take the left overs to work. Once, I heated up some pav bhaji in the oven (as usual) and left it on for few minutes more than what I generally do. Out came a plastic and potato combo. I almost set off the fire alarm with the smoke! This is where I started my personal journey in search of a complete natural kitchen. As I researched further, I realized there was no one who offered that as a solution. The rest followed as a result of this journey”, says the self-confessed foodie. Finding the best way possible to integrate age old best practices with modern technology is what kept the team busy for the first 5-6 months before things got rolling. “All our products are hand crafted; this is something that most people know. But we are very technology adept too. We use equipments like furnaces, heat chambers and many others to make the perfect kitchenware for you”, says Madhumitha.

How has the experience been working with artisans? Madhumitha says, “Most artisans are a breeze to work with. They just need someone to spend time and give clear requirements. The pride and joy that they take about their work is immense. Their perspective into product design is very valuable with high impact. The number of artisans we work with keeps varying with their availability and the quantum of work. The age group is varied; we have a strong women representation as well and we also have workshops across the country based on the material we work with.”

Since hand-made goods are not like the factory made items, managing production timelines must be quite a task. Madhumitha gives us an insight about the struggles she faces, “It’s a labor of love. So many things could get in its way like a rainy day, sick artisan, and unseasoned raw material. The list is endless. As a person involved in production, I understand these challenges and the need to work around it. In the near future we hope to see a lot of improvement in the manufacturing process using technology and better quality processes. This will reduce waste and improve quality.”

Madhumitha hopes to see at least one Indus Valley product in every Indian home. She intends on starting a store soon apart from the exhibitions she often takes part in and the online website. Here’s wishing the Indus Valley team all the success in their expansion plans!

Location: Chennai


Facebook link:

 Contact number: 9902611991

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