Joanna: A powerhouse of talent; with artistic sensibilities and the brains of a businesswoman!

Our artist of the day, Joanna’s achievements are sure to make us wish that we could go back in time and do half the things she manages to, instead of whiling away our time in college. This teenager shows us just how brilliantly she manages college, exercises her vocal chords and manages a growing business, singlehandedly!

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She embarked on her entrepreneurial journey at the tender age of 14 (yes, 14!) and 5 years later, her company, Wired Expressions, has a loyal following and long list of repeat customers. Joanna’s creative experiments know no boundaries. She uses a lot of different mediums, paints and embellishments to create her products. She has tried her hand at making accessories for women, upcycling bottles, undertakes party décor orders and also sells her handmade products on Shopclues and Kraftly. When she started her Facebook page in 2012, the intention was to showcase her work. Soon, orders started pouring in from family and friends and from all the networking she has done over the years.

When the self-taught artist initially started, she was prone to injuries and cuts thanks to the crafty experiments with glass. She soon learnt to keep injuries at bay by learning the tricks of the trade from YouTube. Multi-tasking her way through this journey, Joanna has faced some obstacles as well. She says, “Language barrier is a big challenge for me when I interact with local vendors at wholesale markets. It’s crucial to speak in the local language in order to strike a fair deal. I also tend to get orders when I have exams, making it difficult for me to oblige, even though I hate saying no to customers”. Of all the products she creates, Joanna says the crowd favorites are the photo lamps and silhouette lamps. The young artist is also a vocalist and plays the keyboard without any formal training.

What are Joanna’s plans for the future? “I wish to set up a bigger studio and work closely with an NGO and provide them with a means to earn a livelihood. I also plan on doing an entrepreneurship course from IIM-B and start a store of my own”, says the ambitious teenager. Here’s wishing that Joanna’s dreams coupled with a lot of hard work help her reach new heights of success!

Location: Bangalore

Contact number: 9886119003

Facebook page:

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