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Eminent Craft Book

Online magazine for craft lovers!

Eminent Craft Book is a venture by Eminent Craft that focuses on the story of the artisans behind the product. It serves as a global platform for people to talk about the history of a craft to its modern day significance, share their stories, know more about local craft stores, promote craft related events and spread awareness about fading arts and crafts. All content is sourced from avid readers, craft enthusiasts, experts, students and anyone who has a craft related story to share. Every contribution is given full credit, and we encourage content of all forms, be it rich text, info-graphics, images or short videos.


The Team

 Chandra Bhushan  Neeta Batra
Co Founder Co Founder
Chandra Bhushan has been an entrepreneur with a wide experience in various businesses in India and abroad.
He is a golf and music enthusiast. He has graduated in Commerce and Law from India.
Neeta is a graduate in psychology and a successful homemaker. She has previously held various exhibitions in home décor products. She is a keen observer of home fashion trends and enjoys experimenting with new designs.
 Aditya Bhushan Batra Reethika Kapoor
CEO spacer Marketing Manager
Aditya is a Chartered Accountant who has previously worked in the field of Investment Banking.
He is an ardent sports enthusiast, loves to keep abreast with current market trends and enjoys his travel expeditions.
spacer Reethika is a graduate in commerce from Stella Marris, Chennai. She has held a position in Investment banking previously and has also established a successful food truck business. She has a flair for craft and enjoys her canvas painting sessions.


Our Journey



 Our co-founders Neeta & Chandra established Eminent Craft in North India with a desire to sell handmade home furnishings products

Neeta travelled extensively across markets in her pursuit for unique products

Local buyers were introduced to our product range through small exhibitions





We established our USA operations

Setup of our 1st warehouse in Hillsborough, NJ

Commenced online sales on online marketplaces – Amazon, Etsy & Houzz

Expanded our platform to multiple vendors creating a mini market place

Setup our Bangalore Warehouse